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112 Ft Westport 2001

Raised Pilothouse

Symphony II

$4,295,000 USD

Turn-Key Condition! Compare to ANY 112' Westport!



Westport applies the most advanced composite technologies and materials – like infusion, resin impregnation and advanced coring materials – to create vessels that are both light in weight and superior in strength, comparing favorably to steel and aluminum but without vulnerability to corrosion. Composite yachts require less maintenance, so their owners spend more time cruising, and less time in dry dock. A fine composite yacht requires exceptional molds, and here Westport has no equal.

Computer-driven milling processes ensure a flawless finish on every part, and they allow engineers to integrate more features into each mold to reduce the number of mechanically-fastened sub-assemblies for superior structural integrity. Proven coring materials and other state-of-the-art coring materials impart exceptional thermal and acoustic insulation properties, so Westport yachts are quieter, more comfortable and free of condensation problems. Alexseal® paint systems create a brilliant finish on every Westport yacht for lasting beauty.

Components throughout are strictly first-class, products of the most respected suppliers in the business, and include MTU main engines, Northern Lights generators, Furuno and Transas navigation electronics, Naiad stabilizers and countless more, to ensure reliable operation.


That same investment in design, tooling, infrastructure and process engineering pays enormous dividends, enabling us to eliminate non-productive hours for a faster build and on-time delivery while adhering to the strictest quality standards.
Westport’s pricing is the most competitive in the industry … and the contracted price is the price you pay, with no surprises, no delays and no surcharges. And that price is for a fully-equipped yacht, complete with electronics, tender, docklines, lines, dinnerware … even a full load of fuel.

As important as what a yacht costs, is what it’s worth. That’s why Westport has enlisted the talent of leading naval architects and designers – William Garden, Donald Starkey, Greg Marshall, Jack Sarin – working in concert with Taylor Olson and the rest of the Westport design and engineering team to develop beautiful, seaworthy, comfortable yachts.

Process engineering has a lot to do with value. Engine installation, for example, takes place much later in the Westport build than conventional sequences would allow, and ensures the owner a fresh, new propulsion system that hasn’t sat in a hull for months or years, tying up capital while becoming dated … and often serving as a very expensive set of workbenches.


As series-built vessels, Westport yachts are designed for broad, enduring appeal, so the same attributes that have made Westport Yachts so popular among new-boat owners also attract buyers in the brokerage market. Compared to industry averages, Westport Yachts retain a remarkably high resale value. Better yet, they sell quickly, typically within three to six months of listing, a big reason why so many current Westport owners also are repeat customers.

With their refined, crisp exterior contours and warm, inviting interiors that never go out of style, Westport yachts enjoy a market of eager buyers, no matter how long you plan to enjoy yours.


A Better Way To Build
Over the years, composite materials and technology have evolved to become a preferred construction choice among the most knowledgeable designers, builders and owners. Not surprising, when you consider the advantages.

Thanks to their lighter weight, composite yachts are faster and more efficient than their comparably powered steel or aluminum counterparts.

Space-age materials give composites superior strength and impact resistance for unexcelled structural integrity.
A composite structure effectively isolates and absorbs sound, reducing hull and mechanical noise levels for quiet operation.

Similarly, a composite yacht offers superior thermal insulation properties, making it easier to air condition for greater comfort in warm-water cruising, or to heat in cold climate cruising. Generators operate more efficiently because of reduced air conditioning loads.

Composite materials are not susceptible to rust or galvanic corrosion, and so require less maintenance than metal. You spend more time on the water while reducing the cost of upkeep.

A composite yacht offers exceptional structural integrity to ensure long life and maximum return at resale time. Advanced coring materials and resins give composites exceptional impact resistance for long, trouble-free life.

Every Westport yacht features proven technology in composite construction. Westport exclusively builds all hulls and major deck parts in one-piece, precision-engineered molds. Fewer parts mean greater structural integrity and resistance to stress. For the Westport Yacht owner, that translates to year after year of enjoyable, trouble-free cruising.