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Setting the Standard in Motor Yacht Design

With their muscular deep V hulls, clean flowing lines and fine proportions, Princess yachts are the epitome of great design, combining effortless power with exceptional grace and poise. Whether they displace nine tons or ninety, they are always a pleasure to drive, and supremely easy to live aboard.

At the helm, figure-hugging seats are positioned to ensure clear sightlines and maximum visibility. Accurate and responsive wheel and throttle controls are placed within comfortable reach and ergonomic helm stations with clear, logical instrumentation, confirm that these are craft designed for high-speed cruising.

Above and below deck, inspired and intelligently conceived layouts meet the demand for more living space without compromising on style. So thorough is the process, we create full-size mock ups of our interiors to make sure that the computer modelling works as well in practice as it does on the screen.

Nothing dates a motor yacht like its styling. But Princess customers know that their investment will look as good in 5 or 10 years’ time as it does today. Meticulously crafted interiors blend with a harmonious choice of the finest natural materials to create a timeless elegance – whether clean, cool and contemporary or classically opulent and relaxing.

Bespoke timber furniture is designed in-house to maximise the space available in each model, and hand-crafted with a loving attention to detail. Once built, each item of joinery and every complex moulding or solid hardwood door frame is protected with up to seven layers of varnish, and rubbed down by hand between coats, in the traditional way, for a deep lustrous shine.

The superbly equipped galleys and luxurious cabins offer generous storage space in a fine balance of comfort and practicality. And subtle lighting and exquisite detailing provide the finishing touches that contribute to the unique Princess character.

It all adds up to a magnificent first impression. But it’s lasting impressions that truly set Princess yachts apart, and win life-long owner loyalty to the marque.

Precision Engineering & Quality Assurance

Every Princess craft is the result of a rigorous and uncompromising approach to design and manufacture – from our pioneering hull designs to our cutting-edge production techniques and systems engineering. Princess Yachts don’t just look superb. They can be relied on to perform.

Closed resin infusion techniques significantly reduce hull weight resulting in higher speeds, improved fuel efficiency, extended cruising range and a wider choice of engines. By reducing weight we are also able to satisfy increasing customer demands for the latest equipment and appliances, luxury fittings and finishes, without compromising on performance.

Bernard Olesinski hulls set the standard for achieving higher speeds in safety and comfort, even in the most challenging conditions. The latest in Computer Fluid Dynamics technology will ensure each is designed to perform with the utmost efficiency and quicker transition to plane. They are equally responsive and easy to handle in the confines of a busy marina, where electronic controls, power-assisted steering and powerful thrusters enable you to manoeuvre with absolute precision.

In matters of comfort and safety, nothing is left to chance. Computer profiled spray rails roll water away to keep the boat drier at high speeds. Advanced sound-deadening materials, and a bespoke exhaust system, silenced and water-cooled, minimise engine noise and emissions. Raised bulwarks, extended guard rails and moulded non-slip surfaces ensure your security on deck. Every detail receives the same obsessive attention.

Designed to the highest sea-going specification. Precision-engineered in some of the world’s most advanced production facilities. Tested to the limit for performance and safety. Princess Yachts don’t just turn heads, but hearts and minds too.