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85 Ft Ocean Alexander 2011


Eleven Eleven

$3,595,000 USD

Original owner, captain and crew maintained, this is a Turn Key yacht with only 960 hours! Luxury, style and performance abound - best value in her class!

68 Ft Ocean Alexander 2010

Motor Yacht

Sea Leaf

$1,995,000 USD

Look of a fly bridge sport yacht, plus the economical installation of Caterpillar C18 engines for extended range, yielding 17 knots when needed.



Every yacht is a dream made real. An object of great beauty and an engineering marvel all at the same time. Ocean Alexander is obsessed with proving that our yachts’ unmistakable splendor and engineering excellence will never fail you. We’re fanatical about performance. Gripped with the idea that any object this wondrous and rare deserves to be constantly examined and refined. With over 30 years of boat-building history, Ocean Alexander is a proven leader among yacht manufacturers.


Integrity and a Sense of Adventure
A successful floor hardware manufaboacturer in Taipei, Alex Chueh, had a reputation for high integrity and exacting quality. After loaning seed money to a friend for a boat manufacturing yard, Alex’s life took an unexpected turn.

When the friend couldn’t repay the loan, he asked Alex to accept the yard as payment instead. Upon inspection of the operation, Alex saw that his own passion for high quality and his superior business experience could create a wonderful future in building fine motor yachts.

Alex Chueh became determined to be the finest yacht builder in the world and began gathering knowledge that would lead him to his goal.

A Legacy of Naval Architecture
Half a world away in Seattle, naval architect, Ed Monk, Jr. had grown up with a single-minded passion to design boats. Since the 1920’s, the thousands of boats designed by his father had become prized for their looks, their live-aboard comfort and uncanny ability to navigate rough and dangerous waters between California and Alaska.

Ed’s degree in Industrial Design from the University of Washington and his professional credentials as a naval architect led him to realize “I had been quietly trained by my father all my young life.” In fact, he had worked as a draftsman and designer for both pleasure and commercial crafts up to 100 feet long for many years. Although young, Ed’s work was already a generation beyond his peers.

In 1978, through a mutual acquaintance, Alex Chueh and Ed Monk, Jr. met on Bainbridge Island, Washington. Each man was obsessed with his dream of building the finest craft the world had seen, and it was only natural they should combine their talents: remarkable design and exceptional manufacturing ability.

A Second Generation
Today Alex’s son, John Chueh, continues the company’s long partnership with Ed Monk, Jr. “I grew up in a boating family,” says John. “We owned an Ocean Alexander 48′, and I also enjoyed sailing, surfing and windsurfing. Our dinner table conversations were often about boats, the market, the individuals, products and competitors. Above all, we learned integrity and character from my parents – to treat people fairly in life. If you are fair to others, then everything will take care of itself.”


Ultimate Performance
Perhaps you should question some of the extraordinary claims you read and hear in sales brochures. The naval architects we work with would encourage theat. Ed Monk, Jr. and his associates have a solid history of engineering safe, high-performance motor yachts. In fact, their qualifications surpass any design team operating in the yacht-building world today. They hold safety paramount, and they insist on impressive performance as well.

More Speed, More Power
The prop tunnel they’ve designed into our Ocean Alexander hulls puts the propeller and shaft farther aft than in conventional design, giving our hulls more power and better speed. Other manufacturers use prop tunnel technology, but without an engineering team as knowledgeable as ours, hull performance can be compromised rather than enhanced. Ocean Alexander’s prop tunnel can net as much as six to eight feet of additional cabin space. And if speed is particularly important, our prop tunnels will give it to you. Not only do they net space for a larger propeller, their design creates an aft-body lift that can improve speed by as much as a knot, yet our hydrodynamically balanced design prevents vibration. Once again, tank testing allows Ocean Alexander to give our hulls lift and speed advantages without succumbing to drag or vibration problems.

Steering and Drive Mechanisms
Ocean Alexander uses extraordinarily heavy-duty rudders, rudder stock, drive shafts and propellers for our motor yachts. Inspect our drive and steering mechanisms in comparison to those of our competitors. You’ll find these systems on our 48′, for example, probably match a competitor’s specs on their 64′.

Propeller Superiority
Traditional propellers are made of cast metal. After a propeller is cast, someone takes a mallet to it. By Ocean Alexander standards, that approach is primitive. Ocean Alexander props are made of NiBrAl (nickel, bronze, aluminum), widely recognized as an extremely high quality metal alloy for propellers. Nickel brings strength to the lightness of the aluminum, giving this alloy a very high strength -to-weight ratio. We computer cut our propeller blades using numerically controlled milling machines to achieve maximum quality in tolerance and precision. Ocean Alexander props are made to fit Class S – which surpasses common Class 1 and Class 2 specs other manufacturers often quote.

Engineering Virtuosity
Ocean Alexander’s tank testing includes a wake wheel test, so before any model enters our manufacturing process, we know precisely how its propeller will affect the water. We use our tank tests to refine our prop designs, and you’ll definitely feel the difference on the water. Ocean Alexander props are surprisingly quiet and vibration-free for the power they provide. Our naval architects carefully spec each design for the optimum ratio based on the speeds you want to attain and the yacht’s weight and length.

Safety is our cardinal directive. No one can control maritime weather. But before you ever set foot on your Ocean Alexander deck, we’ve already addressed the demands of extreme weather for you. It is our guiding principle that nothing is more important than your safety, and the safety of people who’ve entrusted their lives to you.

Safety Engineering and Tank Testing
Unlike other fine yacht makers, we design models and test them via computer simulation, but nothing can verify their performance and handling like laboratory controlled testing. It’s an expensive process, and we’re one of the few yacht builders that have insisted on it for decades. Every new Ocean Alexander model undergoes rigorous tank testing. “When we test, we expect our hulls to run safely at Sea State V with 8-foot waves. We want no water going up on deck,” explains Ed Monk, Jr. Even though our owners may never experience a scenario as severe as this, we want to ensure the safety of your crew and boat. In one of the world’s most sophisticated labs, we subject our models to scientifically controlled conditions, including various wave frequencies, strengths and directions. We also get a genuine look at how much power you’ll need for optimal performance and how well our boats control spray or slamming. We can test a range of displacements and trims for each hull mould so that our designers can refine your hull with optimal performance details.

Testing Facilities
The state-of-the-art facility we use is a dedicated government laboratory with sensing gear, wave generation equipment, motion detectors and camera and video recording equipment that captures every angle and movement of the boat. Our facility gives us the closest possible match to real sea conditions – within a two- to three percent variation. The quality of our tests is so high they actually surpass sea trials, which can be unreliable in comparison. And there is no comparison between our testing and merely dragging a mock-up behind a tender (as many of our competitors do when they conduct a model test). Our exhaustive tank testing requires weeks of laborious work and refinement. In the end, what you’ll own is an Ocean Alexander hull designed by Ed Monk, Jr. that will stand up to actual offshore conditions.

Oceangoing Ability
Some yachts may spend more time in the slip than on the sea, but there are adventurers among us. Ocean Alexander backs up the beauty of its yachts with the design heritage of Ed Monk, who earned a devoted following from people who insisted on routinely navigating some of the most treacherous Pacific waters. In fact, many of them live on their boats. Although we don’t call our boats trans-oceanic, the quality of their engineering and the superiority of their materials make them as capable as any vessel of making a long voyage.