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World Leader in Fuel-Efficient Powerboats

Lighter, stronger and faster for better performance, handling and fuel efficiency without sacrificing cruising comforts or sea- kindliness… built with industry-leading epoxy composite construction in the USA: MJM Yachts are the most technologically advanced production powerboats of their type available. When it comes to a responsible boat purchase with optimum functionality, diversity of use and minimal long term investment risk, MJM Yachts go to the top of the class. Click here for Soundings article- The Art of High-tech Powerboats- July 2010**.

MJM Yachts LLC was founded in 2002 by Bob Johnstone, who 25 years earlier had co-founded J Boats, Inc., the leading brand of performance sailboats worldwide with over 12,000 sailing. His focus on seaworthiness, performance and ease-of-handling carry over into MJM Yachts. The new 50z, 40z, 36z, 34z and 29z burn approximately half the fuel for boats their size while cruising at 25+ knots. This “Made in the USA” innovation allows the 150+ owners of MJM Yachts to significantly lower their operating costs, while having a boat that’s more fun to drive on a daily, spur-of-the-moment basis. TWICE THE FUN, HALF THE FUEL has been MJM’s mantra from the outset. Unlike automobiles, this goal can be achieved building boats without sacrificing style, comfort or performance. The answer lies in higher quality construction. Competing powerboat builders use dated, low cost and/or heavy fiberglass construction methods. They’ve left the door open for MJM Yachts to apply Formula One or America’s Cup technology to build stronger and lighter powerboats having less drag. Presto! The MJM 40z gets 1.2 nmpg at 30 knots with a pair of 370 hp Volvo Penta D6 IPS 500s. The 36z gets 2 nmpg at 25 knots with a pair of 220 HP Volvo Penta, 5-cylinder D3s… as does a 34z with a single 440 HP Yanmar diesel. The 29z hits 31 knots with a single 4-cylinder 260 HP Volvo D4 diesel sterndrive, getting 3 nmpg at cruise speed. In car terms, owning an MJM yacht would be comparable to owning a 50 mpg Mercedes or BMW.

Highest Quality – Pre-Tested to “0” Defects

MJM Yachts licensee, Boston BoatWorks (BBW), is the one American boat builder, power or sail, having a 30+ year track record using advanced materials such as epoxy, Kevlar, carbon and Corecell. In their pursuit of excellence, BBW uses a proprietary wet epoxy pre-preg, vacuum-molding and oven post-cure method. Master Builder, Mark Lindsay has Olympic Medal, World Championship and America’s Cup winning racing yachts to his credit because they’re lighter, stronger and faster. In terms of long-lasting strength? MJM yachts are one of only a few vessels their size certified and built to ISO CE Mark Class A Ocean structural standards. All systems and finishes are “builder installs”. Leaving nothing to chance, each MJM yacht is launched in Boston Harbor for sea trials before delivery. Tests of systems and calibration of instruments are conducted to insure “0” defects. This extra attention to detail costs more. Customer service, quality of construction, top-of-the-line hardware and performance are not compromised to meet a price. The MJM Yachts philosophy is that today’s buyer won’t be satisfied with anything less than the absolute best in terms of classic lines, available technology, functionality and performance. Such a strategy offers the best guarantee for daily enjoyment and long term investment value.

Stable, Dry Running, Offshore Planing Hulls

Apart from their stunning good looks, MJM Yachts take offshore performance to another level with Doug Zurn modified deep-V hulls. This hull shape allows instant response to the helm without bow steer or bury in large waves… and keeps guests dry. A low center of gravity and narrow beam with chine flats convert wave and wake into dampening roll in a seaway. The narrower hull shape slices through waves instead of slamming. By not having to lug around more engine weight and fuel tanks, by having shoal draft, and less than 10′ bridge clearance: MJM designs are easier to maneuver around docks, fit in more slips, wait for fewer bridges and are readily trucked between seasonal homes. All MJM yachts comfortably seat at least 3 couples in the pilothouse, protected by a hard-top in all weather conditions… or in summer-porch, fresh-air with fully-opening windshields and roll-up side curtains. See more under PERFORMANCE above.