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Hunt Yachts is unique in the powerboat world. No other boat building firm has been formed or owned by naval architects. The advantages of this help to explain the esteem held by Hunt Yachts, especially among experienced yachtsmen.There are several factors which conspicuously set Hunt Yachts apart from other boats. Foremost is their hull design, the latest iteration of the legendary deep-V, which is the heart of every Hunt design and the soul of their remarkable performance. That breakthrough innovation came from C. Raymond (Ray) Hunt, whose ongoing design firm created our boat company. The rough-water record-making race wins by a string of offshore powerboats named “Moppie,” designed by Ray, changed the shape of high-performance boats forever.

Developed and patented by C. Raymond Hunt in the late fifties and early sixties, the high-deadrise, or Deep-V, hull is proven and accepted as the ultimate hullform for speed with comfort and safety in rough water. It is a measure of Ray’s genius that today, after decades of attempts by others to conceive a better high-performance and racing hull, his original deadrise angle remains proven as the optimum. While Hunt Design has made, and continues to discover, small refinements to this design, Ray’s basic deep-V hullform offers superior characteristics that give it the ability to navigate rough seas at higher speed with more safety and comfort than any other hull design.

C. Raymond Hunt was an internationally known and respected helmsman and yacht designer. Who else could list in their credentials designing both sailboats and powerboats which won international championships and skippering boats of his own design to world championships? Ray Hunt was a respected helmsman. He won the Sears Cup twice, the first time when he was only 15. He sailed R-boats, Q-boats, 8-meters, and was a member of the afterguard on the J-boat “Yankee.” In 1963, he sailed his own design, “Chaje II,” to victory in the 5.5 World Championship. His apparent, uncanny knowledge of how to move a boat through the water forms a skill no tank test or formula can replicate.