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94 Ft Ferretti 2001

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$2,995,555 USD

The owner is a serious seller. Bring your buyer to see in person what an $800,000.00 makeover looks like on the timeless designed 94 Ferretti.


Ferretti History

When one given passion continues for over four decades, it becomes history. Brothers Alessandro and Norberto Ferretti founded Ferretti in 1968, a symbolic year for the history of both the world and the sea. Three years later, in 1971, their first wooden motor sailer enjoyed great success when presented at the Genoa Boat Show. Fitted with both a sail and an engine, the yacht was 10 metres in length and especially comfortable for cruises. The brothers’ lucky intuition meant that soon afterwards Ferretti was listed amongst the most prestigious shipyards in the world.

In 1982, Ferretti presented its first motor yacht and began building sport fisherman models too, both open and flybridge. These yachts already featured revolutionary innovations which are still applied throughout the nautical industry today: a stern helm position, swinging windows in the salon which open out onto the cockpit, and an internal passage from the salon to the flying bridge. The nineties were characterised by research and development within the sphere of nautical engineering through establishment of the Engineering division, and winning performances in Offshore competitions. Over the next few years, the company expanded to encompass its current range, renewed year after year with cutting-edge design solutions.

Design & Safety

At Ferretti, designing yachts means reaching beyond the formula of a perfect balance – always. It means working towards an exemplar of harmony which, from the pure lines of the design through to the prestigious finishes, creates a yacht with unique nautical characteristics to enjoy to the full. The final result is a timeless creation which, on the one hand, reflects the choice of those who are able to experience the sea with style; on the other, the fruitful, harmonious working relationship between the AYT– Advanced Yacht Technology – division, Centro Stile – an expert team of architects and designers on a continuous quest to develop aesthetic, functional and innovative solutions – and studio Zuccon International Project. Together, this team of experts has developed solutions for bringing more natural light to the interiors of the yachts by fitting large open view windows overlooking the sea, spherical windows, and a new generation of portholes – a synthesis of perfect synchrony between shape and function.

Studies have confirmed that the vessel’s features under-water which allows us to make full use of its power, make it extremely secure, avoiding turbulence which can trigger vibrations, noise and damage to the propellers.

This is also reinforced from the adoption of the Computational Fluid Dynamics, the (CFD) system, the most powerful calculation system in order to evaluate the kinematics of the fluid particles under the hull; the impact model to evaluate structural stress in case of collision with a wave at maximum velocity and consequently the design of suitable reinforcements.

It’s attested form the European (CE 94/27) and International (NMMA) guarantee certificates, together with ISO 9001, which confirm the commitment of the AYT Division Ferretti and of the Ferretti Lab, the centre for the study of new materials, to maintain and improve the highest quality standards.


Quality and innovative technology are the foundations of a production that has always matched high performance with design, form with function. Within the Group, a specialized team around 90 people follow the creation of each vessel, from the project phase to the construction, assisted by the AYT Division – Advanced Yacht Technology – that deals with new concepts and fine-tuning extremely innovative solutions.

This is where integrated monitoring systems Gi8 and Naviop were developed, which enable users to control yacht operation on a single screen, as well as the ARG– Anti Rolling Gyro – stabilisation system, a gyroscopic device developed in conjunction with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries which reduces yacht roll by over 50%, to the advantage of on-board comfort.

In order to guarantee seaworthiness and on-board safety, the AYT uses a powerful calculation system, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), to assess the kinematics of the particles of fluid underneath the hull. Smart Command Easy Dock and Auto Troll produced by ZF have been added to these solutions, guaranteeing comprehensive yacht management.

Last, but by no means least, is Ferretti’s exclusive ZF SteerCommand system, which replaces traditional hydraulic steerage, simplifying the manoeuvrability and management of the yacht – in complete safety and at any speed – to levels which were previously unknown. Moreover, Ferretti yachts use the new generation of common-rail engines, which guarantee a top performance whilst still respecting high environmental standards in terms of sound pollution (ISO 14509).

A new, important technological innovation: FAIR (Ferretti Analysis Integral Recorder), the very first integrated system for monitoring the performance of group yachts during testing, enabling not only simultaneous acquisition of operating data, but also their analysis and processing.

In fact, FAIR, as in “right” and “truthful”, enables testers to determine whether a yacht complies with strict tolerance parameters, both immediately and clearly. Moreover, it shows if she presents operating faults or deviations compared to the standards of the model and the project curves, without, in any way, influencing test times and procedures. This system will thus enable to determine, both truthfully and correctly, the conformity of its yachts to the specifications set down by the AYT (Advanced Yacht Technology), guaranteeing the client the total reliability of the data measured.