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50 Ft Cruisers Yachts 2000

5000 Sedan Sport


$239,500 USD

The Cruisers 5000 Sedan Sport during her production was the flagship of the Cruisers Yachts fleet. Her comfort and accommodation is rivaled by none in her size.



Every day Cruisers Yachts strives for innovative ways to improve and enhance your time aboard. And yet, manufacturing world-class yachts is merely the expression of a grander vision. To cultivate enduring relationships, one owner at a time. That’s why we carefully execute every aspect of your ownership experience. From pre-purchase, to options you can personalize, to timeless styling, to customer care. Join us on our journey, and feel the Cruisers Yachts’ difference.


With over 50 years of boat design experience, we approach yacht development as if creating a work of art. This gives Cruisers Yachts’ all-new Cantius Series, Express Cruisers, Motoryachts and Sedans a distinctive and timeless allure as fluid and graceful as the water they sail on. Once the ideal blend of experiences and amenities are in place, we select only the finest tools and materials for crafting the final product. Nothing is incorporated without purpose. Every design must benefit your overall experience and bring you the ultimate freedom and lifestyle only a Cruisers Yacht provides. Neither form nor function takes precedence; they instead strike a perfect balance.

Cruisers Yachts employs state-of-the-art CAD/CAM technology to embrace the best of contemporary naval architecture, engineering, technology and styling. CAD/CAM allows greater manufacturing accuracy by providing exact dimensions for all components and subassemblies. This provides for more features and functionality into less space.

C-N-C machines provide computer-controlled precision when we fabricate cabinets, bulkheads, interior doors, countertops and wood trim. This reduces the chance of poor-fitting components that rattle and squeak when underway.

All Cruisers Yachts models incorporate fiberglass liner construction. Liners are fiberglass components that “line” the inside of each of our hulls. They are permanently attached to the stringers and sheer shelf utilizing a methylmethacrylate adhesive in addition to redundant mechanical fasteners approximately every 12-inches and fiberglass tabbing.

Liners provide additional structural stability, acting as an actual extension of the stringer system, thereby strengthening the overall structure. They also provide rigidity by mechanically joining the stringers with the hull sides. This means more strength and less vibration for a longer service life. The liners also provide a stable platform for secure attachment of the lower edge of all bulkheads.