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Il Cantiere Nautico Cranchi® Srl was originally set up on the banks of Lake Como by its founder, Giovanni Cranchi. In his home village, San Giovanni di Bellagio, the enterprising Giovanni opened his first workshop around 1866, even though the true date of foundation of the company is 1870, the year when it was officially registered.Originally, the company made boats on commission for fishermen and for the transport of goods and passengers.At the end of the nineteenth century, Lake Como was the site of a large number of operations linked to the nautical world, at a time when there were neither motor vehicles nor roads. With the various types of traffic on the lake – merchant shipping, military operations and, later, tourist excursions – it was possible to see vessels of every imaginable kind on a waterway which was the scene of much more intense activities than those of the present time.

Tradition of quality

Tradition of quality means placing great value on the content rather than the appearance. It means research and excellent skills which, fed by a great passion, help us to try to give our best, always. In practice, the attitude of looking ahead. Behind the CRANCHI ® trademark there is one of the oldest and most solid Italian nautical companies, whose origins stretch right back to 1870.
Such an important tradition bears witness to the constant and unending developmental research into models and construction techniques, sustained by a well-defined qualitative path aimed at reaching the highest levels. The development – the natural outlet for the quality, innovation and reliability offered to our clientele – has characterised and continues to characterise the growth of CRANCHI ®, which is consolidating a significant and constant increase in turnover, year after year. 
The perfect and almost maniacal organisation that reigns in all the CRANCHI ® plants reveals the extent of the entrepreneurial skills that lie behind this historical trademark, now led by the 5th generation, that has been able to evolve and grow to become a great company, counting solely on its own strengths. 
There are two strict family rules in fact: reinvest the profits to create a future, increasing the quality of the work environments and the quality of the product, and a single figure in overall charge. 
Encouraging progress is an essential condition for a company that wants to look to the future, and CRANCHI ® does its utmost to ensure that the change expresses its entrepreneurial philosophy. With the same, unchanged passion of always.


All CRANCHI © projects start in Piantedo Plant 1, in the Research Study Centre. 
In what is the throbbing heart of the company, more than 30 people (technicians, designers, engineers and modellists) now work in 4 distinct but complementary departments: the Research Study Centre, the Style Centre, the Prototypes Department and the Laboratory. 
The mission of the four departments is the same: the combination of high performance levels with design, ergonomics, form and function. 
The recent and important renewal intervention has allowed the reorganisation of existing forces via the introduction of new professional figures. 
This operation has led to a drastic reduction in the times needed for the presentation and start-up of different projects, a growth in productivity and efficiency, and an increase of quality. 10 avant-garde design stations, the latest programmes (hardware and software, Autocad), three-dimensional printers and, what’s more, all the most advanced techniques to create lines, solutions and details that will become the new trends. 
Anticipating the new tastes and fashions is, anyway, one of the main aims of the CRANCHI © RESEARCH STUDY CENTRE, and we cannot deny that, if this aim is regularly met, the merit must also go to the fantasy and creativity that are the gift of the Italian genius and tradition.


We love our work, and this is the reason why we apply maniacal attention to the search for perfection when producing our boats. Among the pioneers in the working of fiberglass, today our products express the highest values in terms of design, engineering, reliability and aesthetics. 
For around 40 years we have been developing ideas, machines and processes capable of increasing the quality of our products and our way of producing. 
Various factors have determined the success of the CRANCHI © trademark and, among these, we cannot ignore the strict selection of the raw materials, the innovative process technologies being used, the professionalism of our employees and, finally, the substantial and constant investments that have allowed us to completely industrialise the production cycle. But the organisation is shrewd from the administrative viewpoint as well, because being able to manage one’s finances well means having a high level of purchasing power, with the advantage of correct, competitive provisioning. An advantage that determines the great competitiveness of our products. 
Today, in our plants, we produce on average one boat every 2 hours and 44 minutes. 
A statistic that sums up well the company creed: “productivity is the result of investment”.