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95 Ft Cheoy Lee 2008



$3,850,000 USD

JUST REDUCED BY $450,000!!! Estate Sale - Amazing buying opportunity.

66 Ft Cheoy Lee 1985

Motor Yacht

Lady Anne

$225,000 USD

Extensive recent upgrades to the interior make this a great cruising/livaboard yacht. OWNER WILL CONSIDER TRADES FOR FL. REAL ESTATE OR LUXURY RV!


A Proud Heritage

Resourceful, colorful, ingenious, and committed to time-honored traditions of excellence. The history of the Cheoy Lee is as varied and fascinating as the country from which we come.

Our history dates back well over a century to a humble beginning in 1870 at a building and repair yard for steam-powered craft at Po Tung Point in Shanghai. Run by the same family ever since, Cheoy Lee is proud of the generations of commitment to the founding principles of quality, technology and design superiority.

Responding to world events, in 1936 the family moved the business to the British territory of Hong Kong where we continued to prosper. Initially specializing in the production of powered cargo vessels (to outrun the Japanese blockade), by the mid-1950s Cheoy Lee had diversified into the production of teak sailing and motoryachts, mostly built for export to the U.S. Many of the teak sailboats, designed by Arthur Robb and other notable designers of the era, and built by Cheoy Lee are still being sailed today by their proud owners. A testament to the quality of construction that continues to define all Cheoy Lee products. The future success of the newly formed pleasure craft division soon became apparent. By the mid-1960’s, 90% of the Cheoy Lee’s production was pleasure craft, primarily for the United States market. Meanwhile, the commercial craft division of Cheoy Lee also continued to grow.

It was also during the 1960’s that Cheoy Lee became one of the pioneers in the development, testing and use of fiberglass construction techniques and soon thereafter, wood construction was phased out. Constantly improving our product, Cheoy Lee was to next become a forerunner in the marine use of GRP/foam sandwich technology, now widely used. In fact, in 1977 Cheoy Lee built the world’s largest GRP yacht of the time, the 130′ motorsailer “Shango II”, and by 1979 the first all foam cored production motoryacht came on line; the Cheoy Lee 48’ Sport Yacht.

The experience in composite construction benefits both commercial and yacht wings of Cheoy Lee. Cheoy Lee yachts have also been constructed in steel and aluminium, however, the shipyards wealth of experience in construction using these materials is applied primarily to the commercial division. Each year, ten’s of thousands of tones of steel and aluminium is transformed into top quality commercial craft. High demand for Cheoy Lee’s commercial vessels over the past decade has seen the division flourish, facilitated by the shipyards new state-of-the-art production facility on the Pearl River at Doumen.

During 140 years of family-ownership, Cheoy Lee has made everything from ferries to tugboats to large motoryachts. Cheoy Lee long sighted stratergies and abilities will allow the shipyard to stay in the forefront of the industry for many years to come.

Designed, Built and Equipped for the International Market

With ISO 9001: 2008 Certification and classification society approved facilities and personnel, Cheoy Lee truly takes its place as an industry leader and ‘shipbuilder to the world’. Cheoy Lee is one of the only yards in the world to routinely build in steel, fiberglass and aluminum to globally recognized standards and regulations. Our client base ranges from highly successful entrepreneurs and multinational organizations to governments from many lands.

Our main production facility, strategically located on the Pearl River at Doumen in southern China, is reached via high speed ferry from Hong Kong, just 60 miles away. Located at the heart of China’s yacht building centre, the facility has access to a huge pool of skilled labor, providing almost limitless future expansion capability. The 28-acre facility also includes a 1,000 ton railway lift, 150 ton Travelift, dedicated paint sheds, and onsite dormitories to house 1,200 employees.

When Cheoy Lee moved, after 50 years, from Lantau Island (now home to Disney Land and Hong Kong airport), there was much to be gained. The new facility is capable of producing vessels in excess of 200 feet, faster and better than ever. Customers benefit from the latest technological breakthroughs and production efficiencies.

Our dedication to quality and attention to detail has remained the same. World-class naval architects including Sparkman and Stephens, Bill Luders, Arthur Robb, Phillip Rhodes, Ron Holland, Jack Hargrave, Tom Fexas, Frank Mulder, Mike Burvenich,Michael Peters and others have all designed our yachts. Cheoy Lee has also worked with the very best interior designers, including Dee Robinson, Melody Savio, Susan Puleo, Destry Darr designs, and more recently, Sylvia Bolton and Luiz de Basto. On the commercial side, Mark Ellis Marine Design, Kenton Marine,Colin Mudie, Robert Allen, Wartsila Ship Design, and Incat Crowther Designs have all been constructed, some in considerable numbers. We continue to entrust naval architecture and engineering design only to the very best in the industry. And, with over 5000 hulls built over the past 70-years, no one can doubt our depth of experience in such a wide range of vessels. Tugs, ferries, supply vessels, patrol boats, motorsailers, trawlers, sportfishers, motoryachts, and mega-yachts, they’ve all been delivered with pride and confidence by Cheoy Lee over the years.

Cheoy Lee will continue to maintain a sharp focus on advances in technology, and above all, remain dedicated to production of the ultimate in high quality products and service for many years to come.

Leading Commercial Craft and Yacht Builders

At Cheoy Lee, we’re as proud of our credentials as we are of our heritage. If success can be measured by the number of customers that become repeat customers then we are honored to have one of the highest customer retention rates in the industry.

Whether commercial or pleasure craft, nearly all Cheoy Lee designs can be and have been built to class. Now ISO 9001: 2008 certified, the yard has worked with most classification societies over the years, including Lloyds, ABS, Bureau Veritas, DNV, and Hong Kong Marine Department. In addition, the company complies with recommendations of the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC). Because the U.S. is the largest pleasure craft market for Cheoy Lee, the vast majority of equipment and systems on all yachts built for the North American market originate from, and are readily available in the U.S. From the Naiad bow thrusters and hydraulics systems; full-size U.S. galley appliances and service batteries to cutting-edge navigational systems, are all purchased in America. And Cheoy Lee maintains purchasing, sales and marketing departments in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, staffed by a team of experienced yachting industry professionals. You are always welcome to call or stop by our Fort Lauderdale office. We enjoy having visitors!