The “All New” McKinna 48′ XS (Express Sport)

The McKinna 48 XS was designed from the ground up. A full year of “focus group” insight gave the McKinna design group invaluable information leading to this revolutionary design. The interior, by Espinosa, Inc., will pamper the most discriminating tastes with slab marble and hard wood finishes. Donald Blount and Associates was selected for the hull design and engineering. Donald Blount’s advanced designs are renowned for their superior speed, efficiency, and ride quality. The performance of the 48 XS will amaze you! Take the McKinna challenge – sea trial any competitor’s boat in the morning and then sea trial the 48 XS in the rough afternoon seas. You will be amazed at the dry, smooth, and comfortable ride that only a McKinna can deliver! With speeds exceeding 40 knots the 48 XS is a rocket ship, but can still bank like a fighter jet.

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  • McKinna 48 XSF EHT TT White
  • McKinna 48 XSF O TT TT White
  • McKinna 48 XSF O MT White
  • McKinna 48 XSF E HI White
  • McKinna 48 XSF O White
  • McKinna 48 XSF O TT TT
  • McKinna 48 XSF O MT
  • McKinna 48 XSF E HT
  • McKinna 48 XSF O

Additional Details:

LOA 49 ft., 2 in.
BEAM 16 ft., 6 in.
DRAFT 3 ft., 9 in.
FUEL 730 gals.
WATER 120 gals.
ENGINE Twin CMD QSM-11 715hp
ENGINE (Optional) Twin CAT C-18 1,015hp
BASE $999,000


  • McKinna 48 SF Enclosed HT
  • McKinna 48 SF Open HT
  • McKinna 48 SF Version 1
  • McKinna 48 SF Version 2
  • McKinna 48 SF Version 3
  • McKinna 48 SF below decks

Luxury. Style. Performance.

These are the qualities of every McKinna yacht. Whether you want to entertain your friends and cruise in style or embark on an adventurous fishing excursion, the newly designed fleet of McKinna yachts offers something for everyone. At McKinna Yachts we believe quality is imperative and we strive to bring our clients luxury at an affordable price. Taking inspiration from sleek European lines and traditional elements, even the most discerning clients will be impressed by the beauty of a McKinna. Once you step aboard, the warmth of home will embrace you. The richly textured fabrics, extensive use of granites and marbles, superb craftsmanship of the woodwork and quality appliances demand a closer look. Explore McKinna Yachts and you will discover more than a quality yacht, you will discover a lifestyle of luxury. “McKinna’s New Line of Yachts Represents a New Line of Thinking.”

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